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We strive to provide brilliant ideas and impeccable executions to all our clients. They appreciate the ability to work with the actual people who pitch the ideas. We believe it fosters trust and confidence in our product because it ensures we'll only pitch ideas we believe in and want to execute.

At the end of the day their appreciation is the seal of approval we work for. We are therefore extremely proud that they come back to stay with us year after year. But don't just take our word for it...



Visual Arts Group is a professional web and graphic design studio located in Del Mar. We are committed to helping businesses in San Diego. Additionally our services and client base extends across the country and internationally!


We are extremely dedicated and take pride in designing and implementing the most exciting web, graphic and IT solutions for your particular project and budget. We are 100% committed to satisfying our clients’ needs! Through a streamlined, five-milestone process we will plan, design, build, launch and manage your professional and high-impact online presence for your company.


Once information is collected, it is processed into a plan. This step strategically outlines future tactics, budget, timeline and technology needs for the project.

We ask questions, we gather your ideas, learn your business objectives and wrap our minds around what needs to be accomplished.

With the plan established, design and concept begin taking shape. The design process is best described as a funnel of ideas based on the objectives. Through constant refinement of our initial sketches (and a few gallons of coffee) we are able to narrow down a single sharp solution.

Once the right solution has been pinpointed, it is time to take meticulous measures toward execution. All the pieces start coming together. We utilize varying technologies and resources to execute the project.


We put the spit-shine on our work and once we’re sure all development is complete, we deploy the project in a live production environment.



Over time, projects are monitored and processes are continuously re-evaluated. As soon as we find room for improvements, the cycle begins once more.